Gender Issues – Sexual Assaults | Website

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Visit the site: Gender Issues – Sexual Assaults | Website


This is a group project from university and will be sent to SBS.

In order to create the art style mood board for this project, I watched several crime movie related to sexual assaults, they gave me so much impacts when I tried to feel how those people feel when they are sexual assaulted.

The mood is dark, sad, blood and desperate, but we wanted to tell them to speak out, because this is the only way to help them, and also the purpose of this website, we wanted to let more people to be aware of the issue.


Achievements and Contributions

  • Created persona, user flow, wireframes and screen design.
  • Built the website with html, CSS, Javascript and JQuery.
  • Built a responsive website working on pc, tablet and phone.
  • Worked closely with the producers and team members.



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