3D Environment Scene with 2D Characters | Animation project | Progress

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As part of my final project from university, I have been working on a short animation based on a Taiwanese Aboriginal Folktale.

I must say I had lots of troubles when I tried to combine 3D environment scene with 2D characters. The duration of the animation is around 4 minutes, but it took me nearly 4 months to finish it. Certainly, there were so many challenges during the progress, but I enjoyed them.

The first thing I did was to create 3D scene in Maya, I think that was the easiest part. Then I exported the scene into a real-time environment in Unity 3D, so I can move the camera around and record every scenes for the animation.

After all the scenes were rendered into videos, I started to illustrate characters in Photoshop. I was originally going to draw every sec movement… due to it was very time consuming, I decided to do the animation in After Effect.

Finally, everything were combined in After Effect. I think this was the most difficult part, which took me ages to combine 3D environment scene with 2D characters well. I used a lot of lens blur, color management and masks to make the characters look “fit” in the scenes.

However, what makes animation great is not only the things I just said. Background music, sound effects and voice over were playing a very import role as well. Get professional voice actors to present the characters is really worth the money. (It was only $6 per 150 words)

To sum up, the progress was amazing, I can’t believe I almost finished the project (only one week left before the deadline submission). These 4 months were really quick but substantial. I have to thank all my teachers, family and friends, their supports were necessary during the process.


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